Sunday, May 17, 2009

Man flu...

It's been one of those weeks. Man flu has invaded our house and struck down the males. (J rang me on Thursday to tell me that it's been proven that men get sicker than women with a cold. Apparently because of a lack of eastrogen... hmm... it couldn't be that he's too lazy to get up and get himself a cold a flu tablet?)
Now they have very kindly passed it onto me. Cheers guys, thanks a lot. This time I'm allowed to whinge as there are no cold and flu tablets for me and I don't think my eastorgen has kicked in yet!
Consequently there hasn't been much happening in the craft department. The most I could manage was fixing Aus's quilt with a simple applique:

I'm also now a criminal. Yes that's right. A few days ago I pulled up at work in the morning and a noticed a silver car pull up beside me. A police man got out and walked around the side of the car and asked me why I wasn't wearing my seat belt? Ummmmmm.... how about that I'm a bloody idiot. I don't know why I didn't put it back on after dropping Aus off at day care and I have no excuse. So I'll be shortly receiving a lovely fine in the mail. *Roll eyes*

Last night we went to a friend's house for a birthday party, they have a little farm just out of town. The kids had a lovely time with all the animals, including one VERY TINY horse! They don't look very comfortable in this photo but really they were totally fascinated. All three of them were trying to brush him at once and lead him around and feed him. I felt a little bit sorry for the poor thing.

Hopefully I'll be back later today to show off my progress on the baby's quilt. I've decided I need to get stuck in and finish it before he actually arrives. Some got done yesterday but today will be backing and quilting (not my favorite part).
Hope you're all well and having a lovely crafty weekend!


CurlyPops said...

Hope you get better soon!

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Bummer about the flu :-( And you're not even a man, but you caught it anyway! That's just not fair :-) I hope it goes away quickly so you can get back to crafting away. xx

Princess kirstie jane said...

Hope you feel better soon, Love the repair, looks like you planned it like that all along.

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