Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cheery crafts...

Ok back now with something more cheerful to show. Last weekend I was quite busy in the craft room and these are the products:
Dummy clips, I found those cute feet clips at the Oppy for 40c- perfect for this purpose I think.

And my sister asked me to make her some bright fabric balls for her drama kit (she's at uni doing teaching). This is the first one I've made and it turned out not too bad for hand stitching. But I'm pretty sure I'll be doing the next ones with the machine.

Lastly, I made a nursing cover. I wasn't such a big fan of flashing my boobs to one and all last time and blankets would just fall off. So this should be much more to my liking. I can't believe I'll be feeding a baby again in only 6 weeks! Phew!

On all other fronts I think we're going ok. Mum's not out yet and wont be until Friday but she looks better I think.
I also got the results of my pregnancy glucose test and they weren't normal. I don't know what that means but it looks like it's back for more tests *sigh*. I think I may crawl under a rock and wait it all out! Really I think they should provide some sort of service where you can just be put to sleep the entire last month and a half of pregnancy and wake up with a brand new baby. No pain, no stress- just nice peaceful sleep! I can dream can't I?!

If you haven't already entered my giveaway make sure you get in on the action!! The odds are still looking pretty good at this stage!


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

I'm glad your mum's looking better. I hope the test results are ok in the long run too.

Love the ball! I'd definitely do it on the machine, though :-)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I am so glad that your little man is ok!! I love those little clips...what a great find.

quilt4me said...

hi missie - Hope all goes ok with your glucose tolerance test - hope they havent left it too late with only 6 weeks to go - im pregnant as well and i had to have mine at 28 weeks - the problems with gestational diabetes are wide reaching, but hopefully all still goes well for you :) Best of luck with your mum as well - its always hard when someone so important in your life, is your craft work - always look in for a peek :)

Chocolate Cat said...

What a week!! Glad your boy is okay and your Mum much improved. Look after yourself!

Banaghaisge said...

What a wonderful Op Shop! Lovely little feet (can't imagine why they were in the Op Shop except for you to acquire!).
And if you unbutton your shirt from the bottom you don't flash so much boob when bfing. I fed for longer than I was pregnant (and had two stillborn babies in that total!) and all over the world and NEVER once had a complaint. Lots of pats from old ladies however.
I agree with those last weeks. And imagine what it would be like if we had a contraction instead of an orgasm. Be a lot less babies in the world...

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