Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shop hitch...

This is me... at myself. I'm a total buffoon. The Shop has been shut down momentarily. It is my fault because I filled in my account number wrong on the payment slip to the people who host the site. Obviously I'm stupid and should learn to read and write better!
I'll let you all know when it goes back up again.
On another note, very soon I will be doing my 100th blog post so look out for another give away. There will be quite a few things on offer. Including a new shop addition... stamped sterling silver rings! They're so pretty but I'm going to unveil them in my 100th post. So tell your friends that if they want to win some personalised jewellery they should check back here in the coming weeks.
Hope your weekend is safe and happy and none of you are in danger from the fires today!


Chocolate Cat said...

Oh I'll be checking back for your giveaway!!! I love your jewellery.

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