Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lots going on!! Pics galore!

Phew, it's been an action packed week here last week. On Thursday night we went bowling with friends and family for Aus's 2nd birthday. His birthday isn't until tomorrow but some friends were going on holiday and my brother and sister were both going to be at uni so we brought it forward a little bit. :)

This is a friend's little bundle, Aus was fascinated and wouldn't stop touching him. I think the shock of seeing Mummy with a baby was getting to him as well. He'll have to get used to that soon enough though!

Aus and Daddy relaxing between bowls.

Everyone looks so stunning in those shoes they make you wear!

Pop and my sister
This is the cake I made him, I'm totally hopeless at cake decorating. The robot's head tried to fall off as soon as I put it on, so I had to stick a knife through to hold his head up! Lol, oh well. Aus loved it and started singing happy birthday to himself as soon as it came out!

This is the inside of the cake, a very funky bright rainbow cake! And it was so yummy if I do say so myself!

We've also been trying to toilet train our precious boy... I think many mothers would agree, this is totally horrible. I think I spend most of my life at the moment sitting on the toilet floor trying to urge him to do number 1 or 2. But it makes it much better when he sits there like this:

On Saturday we went to Bendigo for my cousin's 18th. I can't drink of course so J made up for my lack with enthousiasm. On the way home we stopped for a 50c cone at MD's and this is the aftermath of the 'icecream fight' between J and my younger counsin... (that is not J real hair! He was modelling my cousin's clip in hair extensions! How horrible does it look though!)

Ok now onto craftiness...
On Sunday morning we came home and went straight to a 3 year old b'day party. It was for my boss's son and I was trying to think of a present I could make for him. My boss told me he likes puzzles so this is what I came up with:

A lined bag with his initial on the front and inside...

A puzzle of himself and his little sister. I cut it out of chip board and glued the photo on. Then I went over it with mod podge to seal it, and lastly a varnish coat all over to make sure it's kid proof. When we gave it to him at the party he sat down to do it straight away. I'm taking that as him liking it!

The shop has been doing so well- I can't thank everyone enough for purchasing my products. I hope it continues, I'm having a great time making everything!

Remember this? I've been making so many little clippies for it! Oh they're so much fun, so quick and onto the next idea. Lucky I don't have girls otherwise I'd make one of these every morning to match the outfit they were going to wear for the day! :)

Lastly yesterday I sent out all the baby toys I'd made for the Toy Society Bush Fire toys appeal. I had fun making these too and tried to make things littlies would find interesting.

Yikes! That's all folks, I need a Nanna nap after doing this post!


CurlyPops said...

Love the baby toys, and the jigsaw puzzle is such a cool idea too!
I hope mullets never ever ever come back into fashion....

Chocolate Cat said...

That is a great birthday cake - especially the colors inside!!! Love the jigsaw puzzle , what a great idea!

jen duncan said...

That cake is fabulous, and your dear boy could NOT be any cuter!! Love your jewelry but still haven't decided what to buy. And that puzzle!! Oh I DO hope I remember that one. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

OMG that cvake is gorgeous ... how cool is the inside I bet it was a real hit with the kids. I love the jigsaw puzzle my puzzle crazy boy would love it.....I will have to give it a go.

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