Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lots a stuff!!!

I know I've been a bit M.I.A lately but don't think that I've been sitting on my big pregnant behind! No no! I've been happily crafting my butt off (and I even found time to shave my legs! Very rare around here!)

So what have I been doing? Baby stuff, while I am still less than the girth of a walrus. I got a bassinet from the op shop the other day (we didn't use one for Aus but this time I think it will be handy to drag it around with me). It came with a stand but it had little rust spots so I thought I should paint it.

Don't worry this isn't the colour it will stay, just the primer. Phew, I hear you say!
I have painted it white but don't have a photo of it yet, it looks much better now I assure you.

This is why I got to actually do something crafty...
While Mummy was working hard, this is what the men of the house were doing, til 10 o'clock no less! (Nice for some who don't get achy pregnant backs!)
Cute though isn't it?

Later I found some more time for baby stuff... this was one of those flannelet wraps that are never big enough to actually keep baby in when they're wrapped. I thought it was useless but no! A little bit of elastic and some trial and error, and Tada! A fitted bassinet sheet- with cute cowboys.

And because it was so easy I made another one.
Plus I had a beautiful soft blanket I bought from the op shop before we knew we were having another boy. It had a pretty butterfly on it and thinking perhaps it wouldn't be quite right to use it for a little boy, I cut it off. Then replaced it with a strip of cool 'boy' fabric and a blue star applique. Now he doesn't have to be ashamed of what his parents take him out in :)

But wait, there's more! I saw this somewhere (can't remember where now sorry) and thought it was a great idea. My friend's little girl will turn 2 soon and this is going to be her pressie:

A clippie hanger. Now I get to go nuts making clippies too!! Yay for great ideas!
Oh and check out the bling! Wish someone had made me one of these when I was little... actually I still want one!

Phew- just reading that makes me exhausted! But I'm having fun and going to do more after work tomorrow.
The shop is coming along, I was hoping to have it open by now but there is a problem with shipping calculation which is being fixed by someone who knows about that kinda stuff. So hopefully not much longer to wait.


jen duncan said...

Super ideas and great results.
I for one am really looking forward to that shop of yours opening. I really do love your jewelry!

CurlyPops said...

Wow you have been busy!
I love the refashioned baby blankie, super cool with the stripes and star. The hanger clip storer is fab!

Anonymous said...

YAY for boy stuff... everything looks gorgeous.

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