Friday, January 30, 2009

Have I died and gone to hell?!

I saw the weather report for our area today... got to 44 today, 45 tomorrow and up until at least Thursday next week it will not fall below 41. I'm pretty sure that by then I'll be a melted puddle of mush on the floor! Oh god, I just want to go into hybernation until it's all over!

In other news the ultrasound went fine yesterday, baby is doing well and even a bit bigger than the dates require, good news (except at labor and birth time! Eeep!). There was one worrying moment when the woman couldn't find it's other leg... which was located in a very uncomfortable position beside it's head, effectively doing the splits! Ouch! But she assured me it would be able to get the leg down :)
And I decided to find out what sex it was this time... would you like to know?
It's a BOY!
So Aus will soon have a little brother to play with, I'm so glad. Though I bet they will be a handful together! I can't believe we're over half way there already! That explains why I'm not handling this heat too well! Oh well, nothing left to do but push on through!
I'm off to find a nice cold pool to welcome me, hope you can too!!


cindy said...

Congrats that all is well. Wow 2 boys how special.

Casey said...


it's cold here so no pool for me lol

Anonymous said...

2 boys... awesome.... stay cool this heatwave cant last forever.

CurlyPops said...

Congratulations, that's fantatic news!

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