Thursday, September 4, 2008

More sneak peaks:

Flowers! Fake flowers! I can't stand the cost of fresh flowers at weddings. They last one day, then they're gone. So I found these on ebay- they're 'real touch' roses. They were pretty plain when they arrived so I jazzed them up a bit with pink ribbon, little pearl things and blue ostrich feathers. Tell me what you think? Are the feathers too much?

And this is my bouquet:

I think they are beautiful, and the best part is they can be re-used by someone else!

I also made the little ring pillow for Aussie Bob to carry down the isle. It has our initials in crystals and a little ribbon o tie the rings onto. I just need to make a thing to tie it to him so he can't throw it at anyone! :) (It's a stage he's going through)

Tell me what you really think? I really would like to know!


CurlyPops said...

Fresh flowers are lovely but I completely agree that they are a rip off (especially when you mention wedding in the same sentence). I think the bouqets are very pretty and I can't tell that they're fake.

Shellbells said...

wow I cant believe that I have finally met someone else besides myself who loves the idea of fake flowers. I got married almost 10 years ago to the hunkiest man (who still is) and I had a huge bouquet of fake flowers. We got married in Maleny Q which was about 3hours from our home so I didnt want to be worried about if the flowers would lat etc. Havent got one regret..have a lovely day.

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