Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finally something crafty to show... and a sneak peak...

See? I really do make things! :) These are my finished birds (for the wedding) which will now have a ribbon sewn onto their butts to tie them onto the branches. I thought it would be a nice idea to say to guests that if they like them, they may take one at the end of the night. So then all they have to do is untie the ribbon.

And these are my sewn but not stuffed birds. I'm taking them to my brides maid today so she can stuff them. Ha ha, I get out of all the crap jobs as the bride!

And lastly I'll give you a sneak peak of one of the brides maid dresses. They had so horrible bows on the front, but I saw the beauty that was them with sparkly bows and we got them anyway. So I made one sparkly bow last night and this is it on the dress...

So I swear I have been doing crafty stuff... but I keep seeing fantastic tutorials that I want to try and I can't because there's so much to do for the flippin' wedding. I know, suck it up and get on with it. I will but I also claim the right to whinge!


CurlyPops said...

The sparkly bow is much better...I feel sorry for the poor bridesmaid who has to stuff the birdies (that really is the worst bit of making softies)!

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