Friday, July 11, 2008

Something I made:

Okay, this is my very first go at doing a swap. I really wasn't so impressed with my efforts. It's my first try at a toad stool and I've done my best to make it appealing to my partner who likes black and red and is into music. I was happy that it can actually stand up, thanks to the flatish stone in the bottom. But it's a lot smaller than it was meant to be and to make up for it I also made some clips to match. I was up against the clock though because I am also trying to make all these toys for the orphans in Bulgaria before Monday, when my dad flies out.
I'll be so excited to see the pictures of him giving them the toys!! I really hope they bring some joy to those little faces...

And this is just something I had to put on here because it's so cute:


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