Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I have a question...

Has anyone seen In The Night Garden? If you have, does it immobilize your child like it does mine? It's like he's been hypnotized!! By a show where none of the characters can say anything but their own names? And why is Macka Packa so much smaller than everyone else, and why is it his job to wash everyone else's faces? Also why does the Pinky Ponk make farting noises?!
And here is the biggest question of all, why do Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle kiss and hold hands all the time? Are they a couple?
In all seriousness, I think someone was on some good 's#*t' when they created this show! It's so trippy. Those who haven't seen it should look it up on You Tube... strangely I enjoy watching it, to see what sort of strangeness is coming next!


Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Yes, my daughter is affected this way as well! She knows all the names, even though no-one has discussed them with her. She can tell me all about them, what they do etc etc. I was very worried though when two of the characters (forgive me for not knowing their names) were in a bouncing trailer of some sort and brown splotches were going everywhere inside the trailer and fart noises were happening!! LOL What the????!!

Christie said...

Yep, us too.

The show is STRANGE... & all the characters have silly names that I don't know but my kids do!

Shellbells said...

my 4 year old is finally over the show but he along with my 2 year old have been mesmerized for ages. I personally hate the pinky ponk noises!!!

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