Tuesday, February 1, 2011

While we’re on the subject

I have been meaning to blog this since before Christmas. Remember this box I got at a garage sale? I was going to do it up for my brother’s 21st birthday…

Caiden's birthday present project 1Caiden's birthday present project 2

Here it is all done up to the nines’. 


I painted it a slate grey and attached new handles.


The outlines of the letters were lightly printed on to old pages of Shakespeare plays, then I cut them out and modge-podged them on to the box. I did several layers over top of the letters to make sure they wont come off.


I managed to get it to him only 6 months late… a record for me!

Who knows what he will put in it, boy stuff no doubt.

krissign (1)


Chocolate Cat said...

Wow! This has come up so well!

willywagtail said...

Totally love it. Aren't those little sanders a great help. Like the 'established' date too! Cherrie

CurlyPops said...

Love it! That date is making me feel really old...

Alison said...

Wow! This is great!

(I'm your newest follower.) :)

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