Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mum, avert your eyes

Seriously, if you go past this point you will ruin your birthday surprise!

The rest of you please carry on!


This is my new invention…


Can it be called an invention if it doesn’t actually ‘do’ anything? Well, I’m calling it that anyway. I’ve been looking at this Etsy shop for ages, wishing I could have one of the beautiful little terrariums, sadly they’re from the US and shipping costs an arm and a leg to Australia.

So I decided to make my own (actually this one is for my Darling Mother for her birthday coming up). I ordered the little globe from a wedding supply company (they’re meant for tea candles) and soldered together a fork, a spoon and a plate stand left over from a jewellery tree.

The cute little air plant came from this ebay store they have a huge range of air plants- some beautiful colours! You can buy a clump and break it up into smaller sections if you want more plants. They were also really helpful on how to look after them.


I’m so pleased with how this little idea turned out! Hopefully my Mum likes her birthday present too!


krissign (1)


Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I have seen the terrariums on etsy too, and love them and drool over them and want one.
I love yours! great to know there is now some one local who can make them :)
You are just so clever/creative!

andrea of ffft said...

You just became my new BEST friend!!! I have been looking everywhere for those stinking tea light holders to do something similar, but I even like your idea better... I love the plant inside! I am off to hunt down fun things, but will be back. I am here from Urban Threads of all the strangest connections, but am hoping that the GORGEOUS jewelry is yours, because my next plan is to get my paws on some of that!! So stunning :)

Happy to have found you!

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