Monday, February 7, 2011

Just something I whipped up

With Christmas and then everything that took place after, I never got a chance to post about these designs

heart hook necklace 1

This one is a fave, the little copper ring hooks on to the heart to act as the clasp. It has little balls hanging on the bottom that jingle very lightly as you walk

heart hook necklace 2

And this has gone to Denmark with a dear friend who came back to Australia for a visit and got caught up in the floods. She still had a great time and got to see Australia like not many do - sandbagging and desperately trying to save houses.

pearl cloud necklace 1pebble ring 1

More tiny little balls that jingle when you walk, this time in ring form. It’s so simple yet so much fun to play with.

pebble ring 2picture frame necklace 1

And this is so delightful and vintage{esque}picture frame necklace 3

I’ll admit that it took a little while to make and solder all those teeny tiny bits together (without melting other bits). But I really live how it turned out!

picture frame necklace 4

Anyone who has any thoughts on these designs, please share, they are very welcome!


krissign (1)


willywagtail said...

I can imagine typing with those bells on my fingers. Heaps of fun! When I could wear earrings I used to love the ones that made swishy noises through my hair or just bounced around. Cherrie

Amanda Conley said...

Very pretty! Love the ring!

Casey said...

beautiful designs! I adore that ring, it would be so fun to wear!!

Roxann said...

ADORE the sixth from the bottom.

Tania said...

I absolutely adore 'em. Most especially that little number now living in Denmark...

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