Thursday, February 3, 2011

How long is too long?

The age old question… how long is too long for a boy’s hair?

At the moment Aus has nice, neat, close cropped hair. It suits him and his eyes look gorgeous when he doesn’t have long hair falling in them!


And this is Noah now. I think this look kinda suits him too… but evidently the day care girls think otherwise. When he came back to care from holidays all they could say was ‘Oh look at his hair!’


I suppose it has become a bit wooly or mullet-ish if you will… especially when it actually goes curly when wet. I know little girls with less hair than this (though not through their parents choosing!)


He is booked in to the hair dresser tomorrow but I just don’t know if I should get it really short or just a little bit shorter.

Maybe I’ll get her to do a progressive cut and I’ll just stand there and say woo when I think it’s short enough. Pictures of my cropped little lamb tomorrow!


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