Friday, December 10, 2010

When I kick the bucket…

kick the bucket


Not that I’ll be kicking any buckets soon I hope. It just occurred to me that if I should happen to up and die, my husband doesn’t really know what goes on in our house to keep everything running. So I’m making this list of things he should know.

(This is still in progress and maybe you guys have suggestions for additions?)

My list starts with:

- My internet banking passwords. Along with a list of all the accounts we have, fortnightly payments, etc.

- My blog and facebook usernames and passwords… you know, so he can make the announcement and let you guys know I wont be posting much :)

- Details on how and where I store all our digital photos. (If left to him I know he would never even think about these again)


Then come the smaller details:

- A small reminder that the dog is a living creature, thus she needs to eat or she may not be living much longer. Remember to feed her every day!

- Aus doesn’t like yoghurt (a fact Daddy forgets often)

- Bin night is Tuesday night

- The rates come quarterly

- I switched power companies and we are now locked in to a contract so tell any door to door salesmen to bugger off.

- Remember to take Austin to the toilet before he goes to bed.


Then there are the things I know he will do- that if I was around, wouldn’t even be contemplated…

- Aus is not to get a motorbike before age 7!

- Don’t let the boys go outside to wee on the grass, when there is a perfectly good toilet present!

- Don’t be fooled by the old ‘I can’t go to sleep because… there’s a spider/moth/ant/mozzie in my room’ act.

And lastly…

- Remind the boys how much I loved them and how happy we all were together, and that I want them to find peace and happiness in their lives.

What am I missing?!


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Jan Quigley said...

Your post cracked me up. Who would have thought you take such a serious topic & inject humour so succesfully? Loved it, I often think I really should make a list, & get dh to do the same, but it seems such a depressing thing to do, the idea of adding in bin night & feeding the dog would have to bring a smile to the partner who will eventually read it. What a great idea. cheers, Jan

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