Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jingle Bells

Please excuse the lack of recent posts! We have moved out to the holiday house at Lake Charm and are desperately hoping it may warm up enough to actually go for a swim :( There’s also no internet so posts could be a bit sparse until we move home again.

I do have something un to post about though… last week was our Mother’s Group Christmas get together. We’ve been together or 3 years now, since our 3 yr olds (almost 4 yr olds) were born and they have grown up playing together.

This is last years’ Christmas party at a park:

Easter at the park 6

And this is last week at Lake Charm:

(We made the mistake of giving them their presents and then saying ‘Stop! Look up for a photo guys, smile! Smile! Smile! Hey! Up here!’… this is the best photo we got of them all together!)

kids xmas 1 ‘Ok open your presents!’

kids xmas 2

Rip, tear… ‘Look what I got!!!’kids xmas 3 And after all that present opening excitement and considerable amounts of junk food, a quick nap on the sun lounges…

kids xmas 4

Or a fight over the swing, whichever!kids xmas 5  Now we’re just counting down til the big guy comes and there’s more presents to rip and tear and yell ‘Look what I got!!’.

Not long now!!


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