Monday, December 6, 2010


I didn’t sell one single piece of jewellery at the market. Sad face :(

A few people came and had a good look and some took cards, but no buyers unfortunately.

market stall 3 market stall 2

I did sell a couple of headbands though, which was nice.

market stall 1

I’m not quite sure why people didn’t buy. Perhaps the price was too much (though I don’t know how cheap people think sterling silver should be!). Or maybe people just weren’t looking for that sort of thing.

I dunno.

I’m not going again anyway, it was absolutely stinking hot and the site I had wasn’t big enough to set up my shade tent. Actually I couldn’t have swung a cat in that tiny box! :)

Yesterday, deflated, I sent all the jewellery I had down to Melbourne with a friend, she’s hawking it to all her friends for me :) She was amazed that none sold at the market and declared that she could sell it in the blink of an eye!

I’m pretty sure she’ll be a much better saleswoman than I am. I’m happy to make things but selling them makes me squirm with embarrassment! What I love is making and just giving away… but that doesn’t allow for more buying of silver and my darling Hubby may kick up a fuss :)

I need to get up some guts and bravado and ‘represent’!

Anyone else out there a *maker* and not a *seller*?


krissign (1)


Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Yes, I hear ya! I love making, but am hopeless at marketing my stuff, so don't do much selling, apart from my wonderful friends and family who buy my creations all the time.
Good on you for trying a market, I am too scared to. Seriously.
All your creations are gorgeous Kris, so don't lose heart.

tena said...

Don't feel bad, maybe it's not even your selling skills, but more the audience of that market.
I used to volunteer for Unicef, selling their cards and products on fairs. Usually we were on this big book fairs, and there we would sell tons of stuff. but one time we went on some Christmas fair, and people who came there obviously thought that stuff was too expensive and/or not interesting, and we would sell almost nothing.

willywagtail said...

I'm with you there. People are incredibly happy to get my goods and use them all the time but I have trouble selling too. Hoping your friend manages for you though. Your work is beautiful but I am a gold person who hardly wears anything. Cherrie

CurlyPops said...

Really??? Maybe Murrabit just isn't the right market.
I don't do any markets in my local suburban area because I know that no-one around here would pay the fair prices that I sell for.
Have you considered the new Bendigo Handmade Market?

GetSilvered said...

Don't be discouraged - your jewellery is wonderful, I'll bet your friend sells it in no time for you :)

I agree with the comments above - the market was just the wrong audience for your work I expect.

Jay @ Finki said...

don't be disheartened. Some markets are good, some just plain suck. and it's NEVER predictable. So long as you are doing what you love, you can hold your head up high. From my experience, sterling silver and photography are slow movers at matter how exquisite. I don't know why, but I have noticed the pattern and always feel bad for fellow stall holders who question them selves after a bad day. Don't do that to yourself. Just keep doing what you love and you'll find a home for your work soon.
For such nice jewelery like yours I'd be trying galleries, craft vic or incub8tr. Jay xx

Jeanine said...

I also had a less-than-fabulous holiday show this weekend, alas. :(

Salesmanship is a very specific set of skills and techniques, and the only way to become a good salesperson is to seek out the learnin' and practice.

I know it's hard sometimes as artists to blow our own horns, so to speak. There's always that niggling little doubtful voice in the back of our heads saying, "Come on, this stuff isn't REALLY good enough." But we just gotta ignore that little bugger, because our stuff IS good enough, and if we're going to be successful, we have to find our moxie!

If you're really having a hard time figuring out your sales techniques, there are ways to improve your spiel. Sometimes it's just a matter of faking it until you make it, you know? If you see another vendor who really seems to be workin' it, find a moment to chat them up, and see if they'd be interested in giving you some tips.

Or if you know somebody who does sales as a full-time gig (retail shop, car sales, florist, insurance, real estate, just about anything), ask them for some pointers. Sales is sales is sales; the techniques and principles will apply to all kinds of sales venues.

Me, I was a travel agent for many years, and before that, I did quite a few different retail gigs (gift shops, car rental, cashier in a gas station). I learned valuable lessons from all those jobs that help me sell my shiny things now.

If you're just feeling shy talking to people, maybe try attending a public speaking group like Toastmasters to give yourself some confidence.

The other thing I'd say might need some work, just from seeing photos of your setup, is display. One easy thing to do to improve your display is to raise your tables; it will have a HUGE impact. Put the shiny things right in front of their faces! People don't like to bend over to look at things, and they won't. Depending on the sort of tables you have, you can use lengths of PVC pipe slipped over the legs to bring your tables up, or you can set the table legs on top of bed risers. Both are inexpensive solutions that are quick to set up and easy to transport.

I have consulted with a lot of vendors on display and sales techniques; if you're interested in more of my wisdom (*wink*), shoot me an email at, and I'll be happy to expound. Or you can tell me to go get stuffed, which is totally fine, too; I don't want to be pushy, but I'd love to help you improve your sales, because I love your designs and I think you're swell.

(That didn't sound too stalkery, did it? *grin*)

eco warrior jeweller said...

Selling definitely is a skill ( which i don't really have) I never want to be too pushy, i think that people should buy because they love the object, but its true good sales techniques do help people make up their minds some times.
I really love your jewellery trees.

Debbie M said...

I am loving your site! I love the humour that you inject into your postings....
I too am a maker and not a seller. I would rather give everything away... I hate trying to put a price on something. I did the market scene for a couple of years doing crafts and childrens chothes and it was depressing.... sometimes I think the people who put a higher price on sold more, like buyers thought it must be better made or something because they were asking more, I don't know, I could never work it out LOL

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