Monday, November 8, 2010

Who doesn’t love Paddington?

    Thanks to Cat from Raspberry Rainbow he’s now living at my house! I won her giveaway a couple of weeks ago and received this handmade Paddington Bear Rattle. He’s vintage :)

paddington rattle 1

I was going to save him as an awesome pressie for my cousin’s baby coming in March… But someone else had other ideas…

Here is the thief:paddington rattle 3

And there goes the thief:

paddington rattle 2

He’s become quite attached to Paddington and takes him to bed now, so I guess they’ve chosen each other.

The Awesome Cat also sent me some treasures for jewellery making…

package from cat 1

And the prettiest yoyo hair clips…

package from cat 2

AND these 2 adorable little note books which I think are sooo cute!

package from cat 3

You’re a gem Cat! Thanks so much!

Pop over and visit Cat and follow her family’s big adventure moving to Hong Kong!

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Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

You are the sweetest!
Such a lovely post, about, er, me. I feel a bit weird, but a lot happy that you like all your goodies :)
Wonderful that Noah likes him so much, such a compliment be has taken him to bed - gorgeous!
Thank you again for my necklace.
Not much blogging going on here, too much freaking out and dealing with a 4 year old with hay-fever (not fun)
Love from Cat xox

Margaret said...

Who doesn't love Paddington and I love the blonde boy with the discerning eye, he wont let anything pass him by that's of a special nature , I bet.

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

thank you for reminding me about the adorable paddington--how could i have forgotten--too cute!

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