Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lucky Daddy!

lucky daddy 4

This year father’s day is an entirely hand made affair at our house. The boys have each made their presents, Noah painted the tie on the right and Aus made a card and 2 packages with god knows what in them (I’m not allowed to look before Daddy does). Everything except the card was made at day care while I was at work, which I really appreciate. The girls who look after the kids at the centre here are terrific and both boys love going there. In fact Aus asks to go there instead of stay home with his Darling Mother on my days off! :)

I decided that instead of going out to buy something for Jem, (you know the usual socks, chocolate, book etc.) I wanted to make him something he can wear which has meaning to him.

lucky daddy 1

So I came up with this leather cuff. It’s dark red and has 2 sterling tags, each with an initial for our boys and their birthdates. They are riveted through the leather and through little washers on the back. It has some kinks in it because I have all my leather squished in to a big jar, hopefully the kinks will come out in a day or two of him wear it.

lucky daddy 3

For now it only has a snap closure, but I’m designing a ‘manly’ clasp to go on soon.

lucky daddy 2

I’ve also got to start thinking of ideas for a man’s bracelet that has been requested as a Christmas present. Incidentally designing ‘manly’ things is quite hard for my little mind to conceptualise. I’m working on the premise that chunky, bold and big are ‘manly’ features. But my interests lay in the complete opposite, I love delicate, petite and elegant. So it will be a huge challenge to see if you can come up with something even remotely appealing!

I’m going to leave you with this quote, it reminds me of Jem coming home each week and Aus and Noah tripping over each other trying to be first to get to him :)

“A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” –Unknown

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Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

They all look lovely, I am sure Jem will love his hand made, with lots of love, presents.

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