Monday, September 13, 2010

Disappeared for a while there

But I’m back now. Things have been… intense around here. Jem is now gone for longer periods and I’m starting to get a little bit frayed around the edges. He couldn’t come home this weekend because he’s had night shift 6 nights in a row. So we went to him. While he was trying to sleep during the day, I took the kids to a fun adventure playground.

Aus at kidstown 1 Aus at kidstown 2

Obviously the slides were a big hit for Aus. Noah at kidstown 1

And I took a deep breath and let Noah have no shoes on in the sand pit… I couldn’t bring myself to take his socks off though- the thought of trying to brush off between his chubby toes before putting him in the car was not appealing.

Then he found his own car anyway :)

Noah at kidstown 2Noah at kidstown 3

That last pic makes me smile every time I see it! :)

We’re pushing on through and doing our best until Daddy can come home and be with us full time. Our family is really helping out so we’ll make it.

(Thanks so much guys!xxx)

krissign (1)


Anonymous said...

ohhhhh I think we've been there its awesome!!

billiemonster said...

Hi Kris! Thanks so much for stopping by Billie Monster! I love LOVE your blog! I'm excited to go snoop around your Etsy store too hehe. I'm going to be start up my own Etsy store too...hopefully sometime in the near future.

PS - that last picture is TOO adorable!

~ ~

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

That last photo is a cracker!
I hope Jem is home with you all soon, you are doing a great job Kris!!

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