Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Weeceman

Just a few quick photos of our big day out yesterday…

the main man  My main manAus in a police car

Aus in a ‘weeceman’ carfamily on grad day The family

Saluting the chief commissioner, getting his badge, getting his award Saluting the Chief Commissioner, Getting his badge, Getting his award

marching out

Marching out

at the grad dinner

The graduation dinner.

We’re totally exhausted after a whirlwind couple of days but filled with excitement for the future! Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on the last post, they are much appreciated :)

Also a huge Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister for yesterday as well! xx


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Rachel said...

Congrats to the whole family! And what great pictures! :)

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Congratulations! I am sure you are all so proud of your "weeceman"
Well done to Jem! I know it is hard work, as my cousin graduated 18 months ago, and he told us all about it.

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