Monday, August 30, 2010

Mouth’s of babes…

Aus in a police car

I love this kid. The kind of love that only Mothers know.

But man, he can talk. And ask questions. Which is ok because how can you learn if you don’t ask questions?

But seriously, there’s a line. When he loudly asks ‘Mum, why is that lady so fat?’ in the supermarket, now that is crossing it. He still asks again even with his flame faced mother hissing at him to be quiet.

Or when we’re in the car and he asks where each car we pass is going to. My repeated answer of ‘I don’t know’ is apparently unbelievable. Mum’s are meant to know everything, didn’t you know?

But then some questions he asks make me want to scoop him up in a big Mummy bear hug… such as his question this morning ‘Mum, will you and Daddy come and pick me up from kinda together?’. (Jem is home today for the first time since he really started his job, and it’s the first time in months he has been here on a week day to pick up the kids). When we arrived he excitedly squealed to one of the carers ‘My Mum and Dad came together!’.

Then he will sometimes just comes out with little gems for his Mum:

‘Mum, you know you’re very pretty’

‘Mum, I love Noah and Mummy and Daddy’

‘Mum I picked you a flower because it makes you very happy!’

Or my personal favourite:

‘Mum I ate all my dinner because it makes Mummy and Daddy happy!’ :)

So even though there is never a minute’s silence around here, I don’t mind. His thirst for knowledge is something I don’t want to extinguish by asking him to be quiet.

Ask and chatter away my precious Man :)


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Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I hear you! Abbey always asks where the other cars are going. I am so sick of this, I now ask her where does she think they are going.
He will grow out of it, and I bet you will miss his questions :)
(I will miss Abbey's too, even if she does drive me mad some days)
She just asked me what do Giants eat......oh, please! (see my post from today too, similar to this) Cat xox

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