Saturday, August 7, 2010

A little bit of drool and an opportunity!

This is why I'm drooling... NEW SHOES!

new shoes 1

They're so perdy!

new shoes 2

Sadly they don't make my legs look like they have any color at all, but I love them still. I bought them for Jem's Graduation which is now only 2 weeks away!
Never in my life have I owned a pair of heels that high. So I've made a mental note 'do not embarrass self by falling from great height of heels on dance floor'. That should do it, as long as I take careful steps I'll be fine (famous last words!)

Now for the big Opportunity...

Are you an Etsy seller? Do you have less than 20 sales?

It can be hard to get your shop noticed and show off your stuff without advertising. So I would like to help some sellers get their stuff out there without having to fork out for advertising. Each week I'm going to do a feature post for one shop and also feature them on my side bar for that week.

We need all the help we can get right?!

If you would like your shop featured for no cost for a week, please write me an email {missiekrissie(at)} and tell me all about your wares, yourself, where to find you etc.

Make sure to tell your friends who have Etsy shops too and share the love!


Amber Grey said...

I heard about your offer at Etsy and I thought I would stop by and comment here.

I'm a pyrographic/woodworking artist and I would love to be considered as a feature on your blog. Here's my shop & blog:

(I also posted a comment on your thread as well)

Thank you!

Elisabeth S. said...

Found you on Etsy- I would love to take you up on this offer!! I'll email you soon!

xxloublouxx said...

I also found you through Etsy, I currently have no sales, and I would love the oppourtunity :)

Warm wishes

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