Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Deluged and Breached!!

This is happening at my house right now


After so many long years of drought I fear we need to do some water proofing around the home. I sat down to my jewellery this evening and all of a sudden it was raining on my face. That definitely should NOT happen indoors.

rain leaking inside

I’m pretty sure rain is meant to be on the OUTSIDE of the glass. We like to do things differently here :)

So I’ve done all I could do… put some towels and buckets down.

There were a few very loud cracks of thunder so I went in to see if Aus was ok in bed (Noah could sleep through anything). He was busy watching the lightening out his window and when asked if he was ok, he yelled ‘Whoa did you see that one Mum!? That was so cool!’ So I left him to his lightening watching.

Then the lights went out. Thank god it was only for about 10 seconds, then they came back on. But I went to check on him again and he said ‘I’m only a little bit scared Mum’. So I assured him that if the lights go out again I will come straight to him. My big brave boy. (who incidentally doesn’t wear nappies to bed anymore! Yay!)

I’m off to snuggle in my big warm bed, guess we’ll assess the damage in the morning!


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Laura said...

Oh man I hate water issues... we had plenty of them at our last house! I hope you guys get things patched up!

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