Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday Freebies! Colorful Corners

Ahem, I've been um... busy, or um... lazy and haven't kept up with the Tuesday Freebies. So here's something fun, colorful corners you can print, cut and stick to anything you like- great for scrap booking. And I had a quick thought, what about on little magnets on your fridge?! If I had the time, I would so do that!

Enjoy!! And Please don't forget there's still not many entries in the giveaway under this post... you know it's a pretty cute ring even if I do say so myself. Pretty sure it's worth the effort of 1 minute to comment :)

Thanks to everyone who already entered!

Click the image, wait for it to load, right click and save the image. Then print at whatever size you want :)


Casey said...

magnets are a great idea!! as soon as I get some color ink, definitely doing that!

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

Thanks for these, will use them for my scrapping, although magnets would be cool too.

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