Friday, July 2, 2010

Kiddies on the go...

kids 1

Yeah. Noah has been looking like this for the last day or so, he has an excuse though- he's sick. Again. This is the 4th time his cold has come back, poor wee man. But he's still such a good boy even when he's sick and he's definitely not a male who gets 'man flu'... unlike his father :)

kids 2
(Noah with crazy bed hair)

He's standing by himself now and is fine while distracted. But then decides it's a long way to fall and promptly sits down. He can actually walk steps to us but once the momentum gets going, there's not stopping until we catch him! :)

I snapped a few pics this morning while my little men were playing together. Noah adores Aus and follows him everywhere. If Aus has done something naughty and has to sit in the corner, Noah goes over and sits with him :)

kids 6

kids 7

Aus also takes care of Noah in many ways. He gets toys for Noah and sits with him to show him what they do. If Noah is crying he'll find him a dummy. When Aus sits at his little table for a snack and Noah stands beside him holding on to the table, he will feed Noah little bits of his food... kinda like a bird. It's funny to watch, but more than anything it makes me proud of how kind Aus is to his little brother.

kids 3

kids 4

kids 5

On the subject, a quick story about the photo below. We were in Yarrawonga last weekend and had lunch at a bakery. When we left Aus was allowed to get a yellow meringue in the shape of a worm- which of course he only ate half of in the car. So he gave it to me (and because I'm a saint, I resisted temptation and didn't eat it!). Noah started to kick up a fuss then and about 5 mins later Aus asked for it back, so I gave it back thinking he'd decided he wanted more.

Nup. He gave it straight to Noah. I didn't notice at first but this is what I saw when I did...

noah yellow face

I'm quite sure Noah thought he'd died and gone to heaven, seeing as how he hadn't yet tasted anything anything so sweet before. Now he has, thanks to his big bro.


Rachel said...

That last picture is adorable! What sweet stories about big brother. :)

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