Sunday, June 20, 2010


Yesterday I made this:

noah party 1

noah party 2

For this wee man's first birthday partay...

noah party 3

noah party 4

noah party 5

He had such a lovely time exploring and getting filthy, by the time guests arrived he promptly did this:

noah party 6

So his big brother had some fun with his bestie pretending to ride a horse...

noah party 7

Then the birthday boy woke up and had a bit of friendly dummy sharing with his bestie...

noah party 8

Then it was cake time, though by the look of that belly Noah didn't need any!

noah party 9

But he most certainly enjoyed it!

noah party 10

noah party 11

Lots of birthday fun, cake & lollies shared by all!

Now for a nice Sunday lay on the couch...


Margaret said...

Lovely photos and I see Noah will have a Bestie with the same beautiful hair.

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