Monday, May 3, 2010

Well that's embarrassing...

This weekend I think my brain went for a little wander off by itself. Through a complete lack of mental activity, I accrued a list of incidents one after the next-

I managed to skin my knuckle while making another jewellery tree.

I gave myself a blood blister while clipping Noah into his high chair.

I Gave myself an electric shock when I tried to pull a part out of the back of a power point, and touched the little screws holding down the wires. OUCH!

And the 'piece de resistance'.... I tried to let Hubby have a few minutes rest on the couch and decided to do some plastering by myself in the new room:

building oops

Damn, why didn't I take a minute to think which way should be facing out?! ARGH! And I used stud glue so there's no way I'm trying to take it off again. Looks like MANY layers of paint on this baby!

Ever made a huge stuff up like this? You better tell me so I don't feel so bad!! He he


willywagtail said...

Sounds to me like you need a good solid sleep. I always do these things when I am tired. Cherrie

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