Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reclaimed Table

Oh yeah, I did it!

Tall table 1

Tall table 2

I finally put together my table and it turned out so much better than I thought!

Tall table 3

It's entirely reclaimed timber- the boards on top in the middle were originally shelving inside the linen cupboard we removed a few years ago. The boards on each end on top were also shelves. All of the bottom is hardwood stud from taking out walls here and there.
There is not one single bit of new timber used.

Tall table 4

And thanks goes to my model for helping to show the table to best advantage.
'Take a photo of me Mummy!'

Tall table 5

I take no responsibility for his outfit for the shoot... he picked it all out himself and (obviously) dressed himself. Yes those are the pockets on the outside, and yes that is a pj top. Gotta love it! :)

Now to sand and paint. Oh joy...


CurlyPops said...

What a fab job! I don't envy the sanding part though.

Sandi Butler said...

Well done!
And your model did a fantastic job showcasing your work :)

willywagtail said...

Your a woman after my own heart. Your woodwork is exemplary. And pockets on the outside ought to be the new black. Very cool. Cherrie

Margaret said...

The smile is worth a million words

Misterfinch said...

Beautiful blog you have.

Bestest wishes to you.


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