Sunday, May 30, 2010


What a weekend :) Hope you had a great one too!
I'm pleased to report that Bonnie loved her necklace! (phew!)
Now I can show you photos of one of the jewellery trees that went off as 21st birthday pressies this weekend.

Jewellery Tree- nan 1

Jewellery Tree- nan 2

These are a new design, with the idea being that the bottom plate is there to hold bigger items like bangles, trinkets or ring boxes etc.
What do you think? Personally I think the teapots are nicer, but they are so hard to come by! I've only had 3 so far, but I'm always on the look out for more.

Here are some close ups...

Jewellery Tree- nan 3

Jewellery Tree- nan 6

I love the ones with initials, obviously they were loved enough by someone to put their mark on them!

Jewellery Tree- nan 7

And this is what I love most about these trees...

This is written on the bottom goblet.

Jewellery Tree- nan 5

Jewellery Tree- nan 4

This was given to someone's Nan for Christmas before I was even born. It's hard to describe how I feel about putting these sorts of things into jewellery trees. A lot of the bits I use have inscriptions, usually something like the initials or a name. I think some might see my use of them as wrecking or spoiling them.
To me, I see it as giving them a new life, new use where they had none before. Almost everything I use comes from op shops, where it's been given freely and mostly broken to boot.
Perhaps Nan would be glad to know her goblet became part of a jewellery tree? What do you think?


Cat said...

You are giving them a new life. I feel like this, I guess you can call it humbled, when I am given or find at the oppy some ones fabric stash. Some thing that meant so much to some one else, at another point in time, but now means some thing to you.
Lovely trees (both Nan and Pa ones) You are one talented chicken!

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