Friday, May 21, 2010

My Big Boy

austin in headband

I came into the lounge room today to find Aus like this. Yup, that's my headband. Obviously he was trying it on and couldn't quite work out how it goes :)

He's so big now and I can't believe the amount of information he retains! Like when I sneakily tried to skip the last 2 pages of a book we had only read once before. He immediately piped up with 'No Mum! You missed the last pages!'. Damn, the kid knows too much.

But I also wanted to tell you a couple of the things he's said to me lately...

(In a convo about a biscuit)

Aus: Look at the pig one!

Me: Wow, that's a big fat one.

Aus: Yeah! It's like a Mummy one!


(And when he had goose bumps on a cold morning this week)

Aus: Mummy, I got spiky legs!

Me: Have you?

Aus: Yeah, it's like Mummy's legs!

Double ouch.

Daddy thinks this is all hilarious. Until Aus told someone that his Daddy has boobies - got a little bit confused about boys and girls!

Now that's funny! :)

But even if he does pick out our flaws (Daddy doesn't really have boobies!) we still love him and he's still my baby boy...

austin in headband 2

Especially when he looks up at me like that.
Love you baby boy! xxx


Cat said...

How could you not love him?

Ana said...

How sweet! And funny! :)

Sandi Butler said...

You crack me up....LOL!!
Love the photo of Aus in a headband. Reminds me of a photo I took of our Dave wearing a floral headband I made at Floristry Class, mmmm...pretty!

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