Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another table... oops!

After talking about being addicted to taking photos of my kids, I think I'll share a few I took yesterday with some nice light...



Don't mind Noah's dribble, that's a permanent thing now that he's getting more teeth!

And here's a little bit of brother cuddles/wrestles...


I can't help it, I just NEED to take photos of them. At least I'll have a lot to choose from for their 21st birthdays, along with the obligatory embarrassing ones of course!

Anyway, this is the new table I bought today from a monster garage sale for $10. Yes I have already started sanding it! I just get so excited about what it could look like that I can't wait.


I know it's nothing special from the top, but underneath-


I'm going to paint the whole thing white and use it as our meals table. Then I'm going on a mission to find chairs that don't match to put them together something like this:

Photo credit

I'm not sure if I'll paint them all the same colour or 2 white and 2 red, or something weird. I can't wait to have a table we can all sit at together. We do have one now but it's an odd shape and has a bottom rail that means you can barely fit your legs under when sitting down! Pff! Who's genius idea was that?!
This one will be just right for my little family so I'm very excited to sit around it and find out what everyone did that day, like we did when I was a kid.

What did you do this weekend? If you've done any revamps of any furniture I'd love to have a look. I think I may even start to do a little feature once a week on revamps people have done, so make sure you send me yours!


Casey said...

that table will look awesome white! and I love the idea of mismatched chairs.

Cat said...

Your new table is fantastic!
And your boys are gorgeous.

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