Friday, April 9, 2010

Huge Week!

Wow. It's been a big week. Hence the 'Tuesday Freebies!... on Thursday' post below this one.
We had a great Easter, just us at home- loving family life before Jem had to go back to Melbourne. This time we had to go with him to Melbourne because it was family night at the Academy. We met most of his squad mates (who were really excited to see Aus and Noah after seeing so many photos of them- Jem wears them on his lanyard) and most of the teachers. Aus was totally enthralled by the sight of so many 'Weecemans' (Policemen) and 'Weece Cars'! He asked Jem several times if he was a Weeceman yet?

I like going to Melbourne to shop and go out to dinner and go to the footy etc. BUT I can't stand driving there! I had to drive from Sandringham to Mt Evelyn, white knuckled the entire way! Then once I had met my new 2nd cousin there (who is by the way MEGA cute) I had to somehow get all the way back to the Northern Ring Rd. and then on to the Caulder Hwy. I got lost 4 times and seriously felt like crying. I am pathetic when it comes to driving anywhere I'm not used to! But I got there in the end... only to hit grid lock just past Caulder Park because of an accident on the freeway. The good thing was the kids were AMAZING in the car. They slept and played and sang along to the 'Tigger Song' that Aus loves.

I finally got us home at about 9pm... after a quick stop over in Bendigo to have Thai with my Sister :)

Anyway I thought I'd do something that is very rare on this blog... post a picture of me and my boys. I realised that I need to take more of them as compared to pictures with Daddy, pictures with Mummy are scarce. This is partly due to the fact that I don't like pictures of me... and Jem's photography skills leave a little bit to be desired :)
So this is the most recent I could find, please excuse the dark areas and strange bluish mark on my head! :)

me and kids


Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

Adroable Mommy and boys pic. I totally know what you mean about having a million pics with your kids and daddy and then NONE of you with the kids--its just because us moms take all the pictures {lol}. Great blog, great etsy shop and beautiful family!


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