Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pretty as a Princess

I was asked to make something rather special recently.

Brooch 1

This brooch is for a lovely lady who's husband calls her 'Princess', how sweet is that. She asked me to design and make a sterling silver brooch in the shape of a tiara. So this was what I came up with!

Brooch 2

Brooch 3

That's an amethyst in the center.

Brooch 4

Brooch 5

Brooch 6

It's completely sterling silver, even the safety chain and pin.

She also ordered this jewellery tree... and look at the inscription she asked for ! :)

Jewellery tree with brooch 1

Jewellery tree with brooch 2

Jewellery tree with brooch 4

Jewellery tree with brooch 3

If you can't read the last one, it says 'The Family Jewels' he he he... I have a 5 year old boy's sense of humor!

Well I really hope she enjoys them, I'm especially nervous about the brooch because it signifies such an important bond! I hope it lives up to it!

I am available for custom work any time, just shoot me an email!


Colleen said...

Really beautiful work! It must be so fun to create special gifts for people to give to the people in their lives. =)

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