Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Build it and the remotes will be found!! (2)

Remember this table I built? I finally put the top on, sanded and painted it. I went with a grey/blue color on the bottom and a clear varnish on top.

table 1

table 2

It looks a lighter blue in these pictures because of the sun.

And this is the grimace the phrase 'smile for Mummy' produces...

table 3

I wonder what would happen if I said 'grimace for Mummy'? Most likely the same I'd say!

This is the table in its rightful place

table 4

table 5

Notice the remotes. I'm hopeful that is where they will stay!
I'm very proud that not a single male had a hand in making this table, it's all girl power! Next on the building list is a high bench/table/desk that will keep all of my computer equipment out of the way of little fingers!


Betty said...

Excellent little table, simple but lovely and a very handy placement. Most people wouldn't even think of a table in that space, but how handy. I love your creative thinking. But good luck with those remotes, mine never land in the same place twice :-)

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