Sunday, March 21, 2010

In the blink of an eye...

Daddy came home Friday night! So there were smiles all round this weekend.

We did our best to relish the time together because we knew that all too soon it would be time for him to go back to Melbourne. Jem had an especially hard time leaving but once he actually got away he was fine :)
Last week was hard, with Austin playing up because he missed Dad so much. He would just out of the blue look at me and say 'Mum I miss Daddy now, will he come get me now?'. It's enough to break my heart. When he talks to Dad on the phone he tells him that he should get a plane and come pick him up.
The other thing troubling Jem was that he thought Noah didn't recognise him when he got home. I'm not so sure about that but soon enough he was wrestling with Dad like normal :)
I missed Jem like crazy as well. I felt like bursting into tears and jumping on him when he finally came home!
So this week I'm hoping it will be a bit easier, Austin seems to be getting used to the idea of seeing Dad only on weekends. I try to keep him entertained as much as possible!
But in a way I'm glad we find it so hard to be apart, it means we are a close family and we love each other, so there's something to be thankful for!


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