Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Bargain and a Half!

9ct gold and saphire earrings

I had a little windfall yesterday at a garage sale. I found these little earrings and thought they were a bit cute, although I don't wear gold. So I got some other bits and took them to the seller, she said 'oh those have real sapphires and diamonds in them so they will be $5 if you don't mind- they've never been worn'. I said no problem and bought the lot.

When I got in the car I decided to have a closer look. I knew the other bits I had were sterling silver, which I can pick apart and use in my jewellery. But when I took the earrings out, they had a price tag of $130 on the back and were 9ct gold!

So I got 2 tiny diamonds, 2 sapphires and some gold for $5... not bad I say! I'll be picking them apart to use in my jewellery!


rachelmp said...

Wow Kris! What a bargain

Margaret said...

Well Done!!

Casey said...

wow! way to go!!

Banaghaisge said...

You know if they had been worn they probably would have been $2.50...
Well done!
PS Love the new look (yeah, I know I am a bit behind, but there has been a lot going on lately!

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