Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Doesn't it go so fast?! On Monday my baby went to day care for the first time!! I did get a little bit emotional after I left, it was his first whole day with anyone other than his Mum or Dad! But when I picked him up she said he was so good and she hardly heard a peep from him :) Aus was a good big brother and hovered around Noah when any other children went near him because as he put it, 'hafta take care of him Mummy'! He's a sweet heart.

I've just stocked my etsy shop with new bits and pieces and over the next few days I'll show you some of them. But today I thought maybe you'd like to see my workstation all set up now. I warn you that the photos are a bit dark!

My workspace 2

My workspace

Jem's christmas pressie

The green draws came from the garage sale trip to Bendigo, same as the grey ones. The blue and orange sorter was a special gift from my darling husband! I told him that I wanted him to think about something to get me for Christmas that he thought I would like. This is what he came up with! Truly a stroke of genius, he must have really sat down to think! Thanks Darl!
See the crock pot on the bench? I was using that as a 'pickle pot'- it's acid jewellers use to get the flux and grit off the metal. It's meant to be warm so it works better. I thought it was such a heavy pot that there was no way the acid could eat through it. Lucky I lost a gold ball in the pot and had to empty it out, because when I did, I found that it had eaten about half way through the bottom! Phew! Thank god I checked. I didn't realise it had to be a stoneware bowl, sheesh! It would have been great to have acid dripping onto my bench! Yikes!

Anyway, soon I'm hoping to have a tutorial up and then maybe that giveaway! So check back!



Jantine said...

Thank you for having a look at your working place. I like it to see where people work. And your husband indeed got you a great present, those look very good to sort all kind of things. I assume you can even make it bigger?

Calidore said...

Wow fantastic workroom. You are lucky to get such a fantastic present from hubby. I'm glad day care went well.

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