Sunday, February 28, 2010


Spiderman cake 2

Excuse the photos, it was dark when I managed to get a snap of the cake I made for my Big Boy for his 3rd birthday! Cakes and I usually don't mix so well, but this time it co-operated and I was able to make it look at least a bit like Spiderman, Aus recognised his anyway!

Spiderman cake 1

I had to put licorice around his eyes because it was so hot that the white fudge icing eyes started to melt off the side of his face!

Spiderman cake close up

Aus was pretty excited to have his cake:

Spiderman cake and Aus

I also used food dye to colour the inside of the cake red. Aus thought it was exciting to eat red cake!

inside of cake

A great time was had by all with a BBQ at Lake Charm with all our nearest and dearest in attendance. Aus was of course smothered with presents, all very exciting for 5 minutes before the next one was opened. He's a very lucky boy :)
I thought I'd leave you with a great photo of my smallest's gorgeous big blue eyes!
Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

big blue eyes!


Casey said...

what a great looking cake!! and making it a red cake was a really cool idea

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