Sunday, February 14, 2010

6 day quilt!

I litterally started this quilt on Monday and I finished and delivered it yesterday. That means it was a 6 day quilt! That's a record for me! It's going to a new baby boy named Zef, I hope he loves it for years to come.

Zef quilt 1

It's quilted with stars all over, they were a bit tiring but look really effective when finished!

Zef quilt 2

And the back is minky dot fabric. So soft and lovely to touch!

Zef quilt 3

Well it's gone already so now I'm moving on to the tutorial I promised! Should have it up this week some time so pop back later!


Lady Bug Cat said...

You are wonder woman! Your quilt is beautiful.

Margaret said...

The whole quilt is lovely and the stars from the back look terrific

Calidore said...

Stunning Kris. Well done.

Sandi Butler said...

Excellent! You go girl!

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