Monday, January 11, 2010


Somehow Christmas and family overtook me and coupled with very limited internet access, I missed announcing the winners of 2 jewelery pieces!

Wednesday's winner: Casey!

Christmas Day's winner: Sally!

Congrats to all those who won and thanks everyone for entering!
If the winners could get back to me with their addresses I can send them out!

Christmas was glorious and happy and exhausting. Aus got everything his little mind could ever hope for and he loves it all. Especially the red 'Cars' scooter Santa brought him ;P Noah didn't get quite so much as I was at a loss for what to get a 6 month old. He did get a get toy that plays songs at bed time and a book about Noah's Ark among the many pressies. He was quite content to chew the wrapping paper though. :) Sadly I have no photos because in the traditional mad rush of Christmas, someone.... alright me, forgot to charge the camera batteries! I did steal my Dad and Sister's cameras for a while so I'll be hunting those photos down soon!

2 days after Christmas we set off up to Batemans Bay to visit Jem's family. It turned out to be 10 hours from home until we got there, over mountains and boring stretches. The kids were absolutely fabulous. I couldn't believe how good they were but we all were completely stuffed when we arrived. A trip to the beach with Aus while Noah was with his Grandparents had him looking for crabs, building sand castles and jumping in the waves.

aus and Laura on the beach

We had a great time up there but only stayed a few days. The long haul back was more than we could face so we stayed a night somewhere along the way and felt much better for it the next day :) We got back New Years Eve and proceeded to party like it was 1999 all over again. Me a little too much so and was put to bed before midnight to snore through the beginning of a new year... I know, I'm not proud. I'm a pathetic drinker, that's why I don't usually do it!

We've been living at the lake since a week before Christmas and only just moved back in to town this week, so most of my time has been trying to wash clothes and put away the mountains of stuff I can't remember ever taking out there in the first place! How does that happen?!

But I have managed to find time to send a few giveaway winnings off:

bracelets on blue

And most of all, keep working on the silversmithing! I'm really loving it, these are a couple of practice projects:

Moonstone ring
A Moonstone ring

laus's mum's pendant
An Opal pendant.

I've got so many ideas swirling in my head I just cant wait to get into it!!

Hope your Christmas and New Year was fab!


Anonymous said...

I love your opal pendant. gorgeous work.

~Sally~ said...

Oh wow, Thankyou so much!!

I'm glad you had a good Christmas =D

Casey said...

Glad to hear your Christmas was good! The beach at Christmas time sounds so strange to me, it must be nice to not have to freeze through the holidays.

I'll email you my address right away, thank you! I'm so glad I won one of your pieces!!

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