Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ok I said the next post would be about last Saturday (aka the bestest day out ever!). So here it is...

My friend Min and her Mum and I set off at 6am last Saturday morning for Bendigo. We arrived at 7:30am and the fun started. We went to approximately 15 garage sales up until about 11am! Oh the giddy bargains to be had!!
Then, as if that wasn't enough, we went to 4 op shops and then out to lunch! Oh it was fabulous! No kids, just females and female talk, laughter and happiness!
After lunch we wondered thinking about what we could do and of all things, went to find more garage sales! I think it was about 1 o'clock and I think this is still a good time to go to garage sales- by this time they just want to get rid of the stuff so they don't have to pack it up for the op shops! The bargains we got were unbelievable! I paid $2 and came away with a small set of draws, an aluminum case and a fishing rod for Aus from one garage sale!
Here's a small list of what I can remember buying (there was quite a lot of things)
- An entire box full of Hawthorn memorabilia (for Husband, who nearly wet his pants when I gave it to him!) for $10
- A new Olga Berg nappy bag for $20, when I got it home I looked at the tag which said $130
-Several sets of small draws for my studio in bright colours
- A queen size heated blanket $5
- Some toys
- Heaps of silverware, including a sterling silver spoon!
- A HUGE bag of cottons for $3
- Several photo frames and bits to put in them

I took some photos of all the thread in the colour allotments just because I like colour sorting :)

new colourful draws
This is one set of the new draws

black thread

white threads

orange and brown threads

blue threads

green threads

yellow threads

pink and purple threads

Sorry it's dark- kids don't allow enough time during the day for pictures! :)

That's all I can remember for now. We took a big 4WD and when we came back there was not a single place you could see out the back window, it was packed!

But wait! There's more! After all that walking around we wanted a coffee and sit down. So, why not at the cinema?! Off we went and watched 'It's Complicated', which was hysterical. I don't think I would have laughed as much if I wasn't married and had kids, it's definitely not a 'teeny' movie. It was seriously good. And it topped to day off beautifully!

We were all happy and tired on the way home and so glad we'd made the effort to go (and nudged our husbands into having the kids for a day! Which, by the way, both guys did really well and both had dinner waiting for their wives when they came home!! How often does that happen!?)

I only wish that I had remembered to take photos!! Gah! I had the camera and everything! Oh well, I'll remember it even without photos :)

And what, might you ask, is planned for this weekend? Yep, more garage sales, although not quite as far away :)
What's on your agenda this weekend?!


Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like the perfect day!

Julie said...

What a great day, well done on all your finds.

Calidore said...

Wow you did do well. Love those drawers - what a fantastic idea for storing your threads.

Sandi Butler said...

What fun you all had. Sounds like the most wonderful day out!

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