Thursday, January 21, 2010

More trials, a good one this time I think!

Pam's Pendant2

Pam's Pendant

This is for a good friend on her 50th birthday. I like it but it's not something I would wear, my Mum assures me that she will love it though!

Curly ring 1

And this one's for me! I really like it! Finally something turned out really well, woohoo!

Curly ring 3

Curly ring 4

The back didn't join as well as I hoped but who's going to see that? It's something to work on getting right next time around. I think I'll make another one tonight and include little stones somewhere in the curls? What do you think?


Little Waltz said...

I think you did beautifully! all the curls and turns.. I'm in awe.

I think a big red gem on the ring or multiple tiny ones will both look good on the ring. It will be quite the luxurious piece!

~Sally~ said...

I think they are both gorgeous! I love your work.

I received my prize today to, gorgeous and fits perfectly! Thank You

Julie said...

They are both just beautiful.

Lady Bug Cat said...

They are both lovely, you clever thing, you.

Sarah said...

Awesome, as usual! I think that a stone would be perfect.

Calidore said...

Ohhh lovely work. I especially like the curls -very flowing. Well done.

Jantine said...

What a beautiful ring. I just can't believe someone made it herself ;-).

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