Friday, January 15, 2010

Kid update

Just an update on my boys for anyone who's interested :)

Aus has been very happy and good lately (unless he is woken up from his nap). His manners have improved dramatically and he always says please and thank you now. He is so kind and gentle with his little brother now and even defends him from other children. One look from him and Noah bursts out laughing, the rest of us have to work a bit ;)
Aus is also very active. He usually runs laps around the kitchen/living areas for at least 30 mins a day. I don't mind too much, at least it wears him out a little bit. We've been going swimming at the lake quite a bit as well and he has improved so much that now he can swim in his life jacket by himself (he used to cling to us like a monkey).


aussie 1

And Noah is on the go now! He is such a grabber, he lunges for anything vaguely in reach, then it goes straight to the mouth. So we're being careful about keeping small things out of reach. He's also not far from crawling, getting up on his knees and rocking but not sure what comes next :)
He's still the happiest and most content baby I know and hardly ever kicks up a fuss. As I mentioned, Aus is the favorite and anything he does is hilarious! He still loves the jolly jumper and gets a little bit vigorous for my liking, but he smiles the whole time he's in it.
He's also on solids now and is absolutely loving it. I can't seem to shovel it in quick enough and he stares at me with his mouth open waiting! He's definitely put on a bit and his nickname in the family is now 'Squishy' :)



That's my boys :)


rachelmp said...

Beautiful photo's Kris!

Chocolate Cat said...

What gorgeous boys! Gosh Noah has grown so much hasn't he and doesn't Aus have the cheekiest grin. Enjoy!

Lady Bug Cat said...

They are both gorgeous! Love the squish :)

Banaghaisge said...

They are both so handsome - lovely kissy lips!!!
And well done on the silver treasure (must post that stuff off to you - next pay day. Am broke. Again. Still, lol).

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