Monday, November 2, 2009

Vintage find, Bigamy- we could all be at risk!

The Weekend Magazine 1958

Woman Magazine 1951

I found these 2 magazines at a garage sale on Saturday. They were $2 each and are from 1958 and 1951 respectively. I've put them in frames because they are so cool but now I am kicking myself that I didn't buy more, there were at least 10 there! DOH!

Before they went behind frames I had a good old read. Some of the articles are gob-smackingly funny! Some make you cringe at the lack of ambition or women (I'll show you) and some and are just weird. Let's start with the headline article shall we? (if you can't read any click on them and it will take you to the flickr page where you can see them bigger)

What makes a man commit bigamy?

Moods, tantrums and peculiar logic? AHEM!


Hmm... could it be you?!

Bigamy, ask yourself these questions

According to this, it could!! Lol. I'd like to know where they got their statistics from!

Bigamy statistics

This is what I meant about women. Numbers 1, 10 & 11 are cringe-worthy!

Do you really know your boy?

And just to prove how long the paparazzi have been around...

Camera on the stars, Brigitte Bardot

Surprise, Brigitte Bardot

Look what is forecast for fashion in 1958!

Special Fashion Forecast- 1958

Organ donation way back when, why not get your eyes cut out? Do you think many people signed up after reading that?

I see with a dead man's eye!

Organ donation in the 1950s

And here are some weird stories and funny headlines:

High dive Grandma... at 63!

'Even Diana has gone all spiritual'- lol

She got letters from a ghost!

Oh no! Not from the nurses panties!!

His life hung by and thread... from the nurse's panties!

I just like how happy she looks about having those things stuck to her boobs!

Sensational Bra

'Hullo Murderer' lol

I stepped out, gun in hand, and said 'Hullo Murder'

Really? In their sleep? Was quit smoking hypnosis around that far back?

They smoke in the sleep!

Hubby will like this one...

Drowned in beer!

There is more on my flickr page if you didn't get enough in this post. I'm so glad I got at least these 2, it's like a window back in time!


CurlyPops said...

Those stories are just hilarious. I can't believe what fabulous condition they're in after all these years.

Little Waltz said...

These are amazing! I must keep an eye out for them at garage sales and op shops now.

rachelmp said...

I didn't know how in risk of bigamy we were!!!! Good thing for mobile phones hey :) laughing

Banaghaisge said...

I hope you saved the whole mags in the frames? Or you could scan them and use them for cards!
I wonder how many bigaminsts are still out there? And how much of a deterrent was '...mow two lawns..."? Obviously not thought through!!!


Betty said...

Great finds, hey I'm as old as one of those :) I have a few Builders magazines form the 20's & 30's I got at an antique store. I love the articles and the advertising. Thanks for the close-ups, just a riot to read.

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