Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ginormous weekend!

Yes I'm just getting around to writing about my weekend now... I'll admit it, I'm lazy. And it's hot. Like 41 degrees at 2pm hot! Gah! The house is starting to heat up despite my best efforts to cool it. 3 days of baking heat tends to do that I guess.

Anyway, last weekend was the most fun I've had shopping in ages. Not normal shopping though, I think the count ended at 6 garage sales and 4 op shops in the Bendigo area. We stayed at Jem's brother's house and I snuck off at 7am to visit the garage sales I mark on my iphone map! The first one I went to was AWESOME! It was at the fire station in Maiden Gully and all the profits were going to the local stations. There was so much stuff! These are what I took home with me...

The coolest retro 70s lamp ever!! I love this so much that every time I look at it I get all warm and fuzzy inside. $5 was beyond a bargain!!!

A Holly Hobby sewing machine for $2. I don't know what I'm going to do with it though, I was thinking of putting it on ebay but I think it looks nice just being in my studio!

And this wooden box sort of like a foot locker. I'm going to sand it right back and either paint it or give it a glossy coat.

I also managed to get a $15 black LEATHER lounge suit for my brother when he moves into the batchelor pad next year. It was in such good contidion and had a 3 seater, 2 x 1 seaters and an ottoman. Seriously it was worth so much more and my brother was pretty pleased :) (it's part of his christmas present)

Then it was off to the oppys, where I found this:


A pretty cake plate right? I thought that too but I was wondering if $7 was a little too much. Until I turned it over and saw that it had 'Royal Albert' written on the underside. My Mum taught me a bit about plates and which manufacturers are worth collecting. So I took it home and perused the Royal Albert website and eventually found it... you can still buy them for a neat $100. *Happy Face* So all I have to do now is hang onto it for another 20+ years and it might worth more :)

There were lots of other goodies that came home like toys and balls etc. which Aus has been having a lovely time playing with.

Then we came home and Sunday was a big day. After much hard work this is what my studio now looks like:

new bench

corner with lights


I made myself a new bench (with a little help from Hubby)! Oh the delights of having space!! Now all I need is new curtains and it will be the perfect space for my needs. Oh and I so have a few recent additions:

My new rock tumbler- don't worry, I'm not tumbling rocks. It's going to make my jewellery all shiny :)

And these little doo-dads are for my new dremel tool that my parents gave me for my birthday... hours of fun to be had with this stuff!

So there it is, a huge weekend, filled with shopping and building and creating!
Hope the next one is as exciting for you, seeing as how I'm off to an auction and a twilight market! Yay!


Anonymous said...

ohhhh my this post made me want to drive straight to Bendigo and get right down to business... thrifting business of course ;)
What a fantastic space you have to create in.

Chocolate Cat said...

It is hot isn't it??? Oh this looks like it was so much fun. What a find that cake plate was but my favorite is the 'holly hobbie sewing machine', I felt my heart skip a beat. I'm not sure if I actually had one but I had most other holly hobbie things and loved them. Just wish they had been kept! They are some pretty mean and cool looking tools!!

Casey said...

wow! very nice haul, I'm super jealous!

Banaghaisge said...

Wonderful op shoppy times!!!!
And you have a Dremel - now I know what they look like!!

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