Monday, October 26, 2009

First in best dressed!

First, another order to send off tomorrow. I love the name Mikaeli! The photo doesn't show it very well but all the pearls are a slightly different colour, the center one being the darkest. I hope this is what you meant Jo! :)

Now for something different. I found this in an op shop and couldn't bare to leave it there, so I paid the princely sum of 10c and took it home. This is all done by hand!! Why would someone spend so many hours creating such loveliness and then give it to the oppy? So many teeny tiny stitches! I can't remember what you call it, anyone?

Anyway it has been rescued, but now it needs rescuing again. I don't have girls and really I can't think of any use I could put it to. I think it needs to go to someone who will treat it lovingly and make something brilliant out of it!

So the first person to say they want it, shall have it. Better be quick!! I would love to see what you make it into!


Julie said...

oooo I'd love it, it would look lovely on a cushion. You are right a lot of hours have gone into it.

CurlyPops said...

Someone with a little girl could make a beautufl dress bodice with that

Farmyard Crafts said...

It's called Smocking. It's gorgeous and was probably a bodice for a dress. Lucky Julie!

Casey said...

it's gorgeous!

Julie said...

There was a nice surprise in the letter box this morning, thankyou so much, its just beautiful, someone put a lot of work into that smocking.

Lulu said...

To make it up into a dress, you would probably need the same fabric. Maybe a cushion?

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