Friday, October 23, 2009

A bit of fam love...

Had a little photo sesh with my kidlets yesterday and got a few goodies. I thought I should post them for Gran and Pop's benefit :) But the rest of you are quite welcome to 'oh and ah' over them! He he :)

Blue eyed boy

my precious!

cute Noah

I swear I didn't change the colour of his eyes at all! They are just that bright! I couldn't coax a smile out of him but still these are good enough for me!

No fish

Mud fish

Aus had just got back from fishing with Dad. He in the first one I had asked him if he got any fish, he said yes. The second one is when he told me it was a mud fish!! He makes me laugh that kid!

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Lady Bug Cat said...

They are both gorgeous!
I especially love the first photo of Noah - feel like he is looking into my soul.

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