Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ok so another long post. I really need to post more often so I don't have to upload a million photos at once :)

I've had a bit of a productive weekend actually. I managed to get a few more jewellery trees to an almost finished stage, and to photograph one all done up for Christmas (thanks for the suggestion Cam)...

The light wasn't right though so I might need to wait for a better sunlit day.
If you would like a jewellery tree remember this offer is still on for September only!

As a family we've been outside a bit, neatening up the backyard and getting ready for summer. It's a completely new experience for Noah, having been born at the start of June. So there were many things to look at and 'oooh' about.

Aus did his usual, find some dirt and get filthy! (and wet if at all possible!) I know he will love this summer because he is finally old enough to really run around and kick the footy, play cricket and swim in the lake (with mum and dad)... all the things his father loves to do best :)

Oh and look at what has just appeared in our garden! So bright and it makes spring seem real!

This is our soon to be vegie garden. My darling husband is great and finding bits and pieces of wood lying around (these are huge though)- and he's also great with gardening, being a horticulturalist. So I'm expecting big things from this vegie patch!

I put this photo on just to show how huge Noah's cheeks are now. He has rolls upon rolls :) At his last weigh in he'd put on over 600gms in 4 weeks. I think his new nickname could be 'Buddah'! He he. But he is just such a sweet kid, in the last week he has started to talk in baby talk. Every day there seems to be a new noise and he happily answers questions :)
And just to finish off (these are for Granny and Poppy really)- Austin shaving like Daddy :)

In the next few days I'll post my new necklace, blue and white of course to support the mighty Cats in the grand final next weekend! Oh so excited and nervous!


rachelmp said...

Great pics Kris! My husband owns a plant nursery and our garden is a mess!!

CurlyPops said...

I was thinking of you today at the antiques and collectibles fair when I saw a huge pile of old cutlery!
I'm loving the cutlery christmas tree with the baubles.

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