Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did anyone see that truck?!

You know the one that hit me today? I'm pretty sure that mongrel backed over me a few times before he was done! Or that's what it feels like anyway...
I have Mastitis.
It sucks BIG TIME! I removed myself once from the couch to go to the doctors and get a prescription and then plonked back down on it when I got home. I haven't been levered off it again since. Quite frankly I'd rather chop my right breast off than continue to sweat out the agonising pain of continually having Noah drain it for me. It's toe-curling stuff.

It's just lucky I have these 2 to make me smile:


Before I was struck by the paralising pain, I'd been doing some embroidery. Do you know how hard it is to feed a baby and embroider at the same time?! I've been doing it because I don't need to get bits and pieces, I just have it on the couch next to me. Sorry the photos aren't too clear, it was night time before I could get a photo today!

They will go in frames in their rooms... when I get around to it.

This one on the other hand will be a surprise for a blogger soon so can't reveal too much!

Thanks everyone for staying with me and sending me lovely comments. It's so helpful at the moment as I've been a bit unwell since Noah arrived. They've really lifted my spirits :) But hopefully this is the last bump in the road to full health again! There's light at the end of the tunnel!


Casey said...

aw, I'm sorry you're in so much pain :( I hope you get over it soon!

The embroidery looks really great!!

Calidore said...

Ouch. Been there done that and it's not fun. I even managed to get mastitis twice while I was pregnant - now that is not fun. Can't offer any solutions but I do know what you mean about wanting to amputate a breast. Hope you feel better soon.

rachelmp said...

Oh, Kris, I hope you are getting better. No fun at all. But just love your embroidery and the beautiful pic of the boys!

Alice said...

I hope those antibiotics are doing their job, Kristie, and you're feeling better today.

I've only just found your blog, so I have lots more to read.

Lovely photo of your 'little men'.

Alice said...

Apologies for mis-reading your name, Krissie.

Leahdis said...

Ohh Owww, I hate that....You feel like death warmed up.... I hope it passes soon, cold face washers on it.. and massage under the shower, all easier said than done! ha

Julie said...

Ewww, you poor thing, I've been there too its just awful, swore I'd nearly do the childbirth again over the five bouts of mastitis. Hope you are feeling better now and it doesn't come back.

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